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    After 85 years of historical changes, Nanjing building ushered in a new chapter, Huawei's global flagship store. The flagship store leaves the original charm of the historical building to the greatest extent, and the facade completely retains the brick face style, combining the tradition with the modern, creating a dazzling architectural style.


    Huawei Community,南京大樓原本的“天井”以大氣高級的設計回歸。值得一提的是,步梯連接著各樓面,模擬日光的燈頂讓“日光”傾瀉而下,在這里可以隨性地坐在臺階上,聊天、學習交流

    Huawei community, the original "patio" of Nanjing building returns to the advanced design of atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that the step ladder is connected with each floor, and the lamp top simulating sunlight makes "Sunlight" pour down. Here, you can sit on the step randomly, chat, learn and communicate



    The integrated use of terrazzo on the wall and floor greatly improves the overall feeling of the room. The smooth and flat advantages of terrazzo are perfectly reflected in the atrium light



    The overall use of terrazzo in the lobby stairs makes the ground and stairs perfectly connected. The arc angle treatment of stair veneer shows the ultimate craft of the classic terrazzo



    Various colors and infinite collocation add the design elements of the terrazzo. Huawei flagship store takes atmospheric comfort as the design concept, white terrazzo as the base, gold and black are used to mix the patterns, and the aesthetic feeling of lines is used to show its design concept, which is also the embodiment of the terrazzo floor superior to other floors

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